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This is a community for IS teams working in UK CRC Clinical Trials Units

The UKCRC Registered CTU Network is a network of academic clinical trials units (CTUs) who have been assessed by an international panel of experts in clinical trials research. This site is a place where people working in IT teams in CTUs can reach out and share knowledge and experience with each other.


Find out what other CTU's are doing and what services they offer. See if they are using the same software and services as you.


Share resources and advice with your peers. Identify areas of common interest and collaborate to develop new standards and procedures.


Reach out for help and support to other CTU IS teams. Offer your own advice and assistance to others.

Search Oversight Statistician

This is a web-based system that houses a database of statisticians working in or affiliated to UKCRC registered Clinical Trials Units. The aim of the system is to:

  1. Enable identification of statisticians with experience in clinical trials as oversight committee members
  2. Support development of less experienced statisticians by providing training and mentorship opportunities as oversight committee observers

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